Three Unique Selling Points of econtext

Payment interface is one of the most important factors for ecommerce businesses. If met with a confusing payment interface users may give up and cease shopping, no matter how attractive the merchant's products or services. econtext provides easily understandable yet multi-functional payment interfaces tailored to the client’s business model, industry, and special demands.

For the payer’s convenience and to remove barriers for customers to complete orders.
1. Variety of payment methods to choose from

Credit card
Konbini (Convenience Store)
Electronic money, mobile carriers
Internet banking

Other payment methods such as PayPal, Payment slip, monthly, and bank withdrawal are provided.

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Easy  for end-customer to make payment no matter the device
2. Optimized payment page across device platforms

Multi-device support is vital for e-commerce sites in the Japanese market. In addition to PCs and a wide variety of feature phone platforms, Japan is experiencing rapid growth in the adoption of smartphones. ECONTEXT provides optimized payment pages for a wide-range of devices so that merchants do not have to worry about the complexities of payments across many device platforms.

*It is possible to use our API or create original payment pages.

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Meeting the needs of merchants
3. Providing other e-commerce related services

In addition to industry-leading payment services, ECONTEXT provides a wide range of solutions to the problems faced by the merchants. Providing paramount cost-benefit performance and high quality services, ECONTEXT partners with the merchants to improve their performance.

Compliant with international
security standard
Fulfillment support 365 day/ year:
from implementation to operation
For refunds

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Largest class in the market. 90,640 sites in use
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